Challenge: A suburban high school with thousands of students and faculty staff was faced with significant connectivity issues causing regular disruptions for students and teachers. IT staff was not adequately prepared to support the maintenance for the Cisco Gigabit and Wireless infrastructures. Additionally, the in-house IT staff had no experience in Cisco IP Telephony or the school administration application, making it impossible to complete the necessary day-to-day administration and support.

Prescient Solution: Prescient supports the school with all IT needs, including the development of custom reporting.

Result: Within the first two weeks of the project, Prescient was able to re-configure the wireless network infrastructure and eliminate 100 percent of all wireless issues. Additionally, within the first month, Prescient was able to close all 250 outstanding trouble tickets for servers, PCs and applications.

Challenge: A community school district requested our services to determine the cause of the Local Area and Wide Area Network connectivity and latency issues.

Prescient Solution: Prescient found that the cable network infrastructure was improperly configured and also suggested the implementation of new network switching devices within the district facilities. Prescient installed and configured new cable network devices to fully segment the district WAN from other township network devices.

Result: Prescient reconstructed the district network to use more efficient protocols, eliminating unnecessary network broadcasts and inefficiencies. Finally, Prescient designed, configured and installed new network infrastructure switching devices in all district facilities to increase the efficiencies of local network traffic.

  • We had concerns about the stability and security of our network. Prescient came in and through their audit identified many weaknesses that we weren’t aware of. They gave our whole system a much-needed overhaul and provided value above and beyond the scope of the contract. That’s what I appreciate the most. They go the extra mile but don’t charge us for every little thing. We are extremely satisfied.

    Education Associate Superintendent