Challenge: A food service manufacturing company was keeping paper logs for the status and current state of five production machines. The data was written on paper and entered into a spreadsheet on a weekly basis, wasting a significant amount of time. The client wanted to institute an electronic system for tracking this data with the ability to create custom views and reports.

Prescient Solution: Prescient Solutions used SharePoint as an electronic form for machine operators to use on the floor through the use of tablet PCs. Prescient gave the management team the ability to track the machine status while building error checking into the form for machine validation. Through SharePoint and SQL reporting services, there are customizable views and reports that can be generated to track and present the data in any way required. The client management team also has the ability for electronic approvals of any of the forms entered.

Result: The users and management team are very satisfied with the results. The solution is much more efficient for all users and the reporting capabilities surpass what was used in the past. As a result of this implementation, the client requested that Prescient use electronic forms in other areas of their environment to cut down on the use of paper forms and wasted resources.

  • We had concerns about the stability and security of our network. Prescient came in and through their audit identified many weaknesses that we weren’t aware of. They gave our whole system a much-needed overhaul and provided value above and beyond the scope of the contract. That’s what I appreciate the most. They go the extra mile but don’t charge us for every little thing. We are extremely satisfied.

    Education Associate Superintendent