Challenge: A county used technology, designed for fault tolerance, for the majority of its 911 services. However, the remainder of the systems did not share the same stability characteristic.

Prescient Solution: Prescient recommended and led the installation of a fully-redundant, chassis-based network switch, along with the implementation of a Blade Server system. Using clustering and continuous data protection technologies, the systems have the ability to support all county users. Additionally, Prescient provides day-to-day Helpdesk, server administration and network infrastructure administration. Prescient also provides support and configuration of communications equipment for the county public safety vehicles.

Result: Prescient designed the systems to provide load balancing for the increased growth projected.

  • We had concerns about the stability and security of our network. Prescient came in and through their audit identified many weaknesses that we weren’t aware of. They gave our whole system a much-needed overhaul and provided value above and beyond the scope of the contract. That’s what I appreciate the most. They go the extra mile but don’t charge us for every little thing. We are extremely satisfied.

    Education Associate Superintendent