Is Your Help Desk Really Helping?

A Guide to Help Desk Problems & Resolutions

Are you experiencing any of the following challenges with your help desk?

  • Staffing. Staffed with employees or contractors without a foundation in solving IT problems.
  • Knowledge. The help desk team doesn’t always get comprehensive training on the products they support.
  • Limiting policies. Corporate policies often dictate how the help desk team interacts with end users.
  • Communication. Problems that aren’t raised formally simply don’t exist in the system.
  • Problem ownership. Help desks typically need to turn to specialized support teams for anything other than the simplest problem.
  • SLA orientation. Help desks are measured on metrics that have to do more with ensuring that they fulfill some service level agreement, rather than on measures that consider the quality of the service.

Your help desk team may not be reaching its full potential. Would you be surprised if we said it could actually be a management problem? These problems are often because the help desk isn’t optimized with the right people and the right tools to let them offer help right when an employee reports a problem.

Download our guide and discover how your organization can improve its help desk results today.

Help Desk Problems Guide