Comprehensive Support Services for All Your Hardware and Software

Keep the desktop systems you depend on problem-free. Prescient Solutions’ comprehensive desktop support can begin before you ever receive your device. Have it shipped to us and we’ll configure it before it’s delivered to your location, or have it delivered to your site and we’ll configure it remotely.

We customize standard gold disk images for different roles so desktops get installed with features and applications that meet the specific needs of their end users. Our configurations include the encryption and access controls required for security. Once delivered, our patch management ensures that your systems are updated with the latest antivirus definitions and security fixes to defend against malware.

Whether your office runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac desktops, or all three, we’ll support them so they work together smoothly. Besides hardware support, we’ll also support your software—not just the standard Microsoft Office applications, but also all the software you use, including any proprietary applications. Our high level of service means we’ll never tell you to contact a manufacturer or vendor for support; we stay involved and oversee the interaction until the problem is resolved.

You focus on running your business—we’ve got IT covered.