Serious Support for a Safe Mobile Computing Experience

Mobile devices fit in your pocket, but they’re serious equipment. Prescient Solutions provides mobile support services that recognize that laptops, phones, and tablets are critical components of your technology infrastructure, and we provide serious support services for Android, Apple (iOS), and Microsoft devices. We’ll set your users up with the mobile applications they need, including access to both company and personal email.

The convenience of using mobile devices for work shouldn’t mean putting your business at risk. Because these devices are used outside of your network, they’re more vulnerable than any other equipment you use. Prescient Solutions makes sure all appropriate security is in place on your email servers as well as the mobile devices. By installing antivirus software and implementing patch management we make sure they stay protected.

Configuring mobile device management (MDM) software allows us to perform those tasks automatically and remotely. This software lets you prevent unsafe applications from being used on the mobile devices and restrict the corporate resources users can access from their devices; you can easily grant different levels of access to users in different roles. With MDM’s remote access to devices, we can delete data and maintain your security even if a device is lost or stolen.

You focus on running your business—we’ve got IT covered.