Could your IT help desk use a helping hand? Outsourcing help desk services can give your employees better service and make them more productive. Here are some other good reasons to consider outsourcing your help desk:

1.    You can reduce your expenses.

Outsourcing can cost less than maintaining your own in-house help desk. When you have an internal IT team, you have to pay salaries and benefits for those employees. In addition, you spend on the hardware and software they use, as well as their training and on recruiting new employees when your help team members leave. Outsourcing eliminates those extra costs.

2.    Employees get better service.

When you outsource your help desk, you get a team that’s completely focused on delivering quality help desk services. Because they specialize in providing help desk services, they’ll have built up an efficient process for recording, tracking, investigating, and resolving issues. They have a variety of tools to help them find and fix problems, as well as knowledge that comes from broad and deep experience. These skills help an outsource help desk reduce not just response time but also resolution time, which is what really counts. The response is fast and consistent. When needed, the help desk can provide a work around while they work on a true fix.

3.    You have a team of experts on call.

Because technology changes, it’s hard for internal help teams to keep up with all the products and versions your business uses. But an outsourced help desk team is in the business of keeping up with these changes.

4.    You reduce distractions.

Your internal IT team adds value when they work on projects that expand your capabilities. The time spent responding to routine help requests pulls them away from works that’s more important for your business. When you outsource your help desk, you allow your own team to focus on the work that needs their specific skills and business insight.

5.    Help isn’t limited to business hours.

With an on-call help desk, you get 24x7x365 support. Employees who are trying to be productive outside of normal work hours won’t be stymied by information systems problems; they’ll be able to get the help they need when they need it.

If your in-house help desk isn’t providing your employees the support they need, it’s time to consider outsourcing help desk support to the team of experts at Prescient Solutions. With both onsite and virtual help desk services available, we can help your employees around the clock.  Download our guide to help desk problems to learn more.