Every desk in a business has a computer on it. Desktop support services are vital to keeping the devices and the business functioning properly. What should you expect if you engage a desktop services provider?


While BYOD mobile policies allow employees to use a device customized to their preferences, when it comes to desktops, uniformity is a better strategy. When a desktop support provider like Prescient Solutions sets up a new device, it’s set up to a standard, often from a “gold disk image” tailored to a particular employee’s role. Standardization includes operating systems, application configuration, desktop settings, and policies such as energy saving shutdowns.

Endpoint security.

Desktop devices need to be protected against unauthorized access and malware. This requires installing antivirus software and scheduling automated scans, as well as implementing controls such as locking screens after periods of inactivity.

Routine maintenance.

Desktops need regular maintenance, such as defragmenting disks and installing patches. Desktop support services can automate these tasks, ensuring no device is overlooked.


Locally stored data needs to be backed up and integrated into data retention procedures. Desktop support can implement effective processes that are transparent to the desktop user.

Support and troubleshooting.

When problems develop, the desktop support team provides expertise that speeds investigation and problem resolution. Support can be delivered remotely from a centralized location for efficiency, with deskside assistance provided when necessary.

Asset management.

Simply keeping track of devices, where they’re located, and what’s installed on them is an important function that is often overlooked; devices that aren’t “known” can’t be secured. In addition, asset management keeps track of where software licenses are used. This allows you to transfer licenses to another device when an employee leaves, avoiding the expense of purchasing additional licenses. Asset management can routinely scan desktops for unauthorized software, providing additional risk protection.

Automated support.

Most desktop support functions should be automated, allowing services to be delivered consistently, correctly, and efficiently. With automation, the risk of human error is reduced, as is the risk that a device will be overlooked and not have its maintenance performed.

While servers are concentrated in the data center, desktop devices are scattered throughout an organization’s premises. Desktop support services from Prescient Solutions ensure that top level support is consistently delivered to all desktop devices. Windows, Linux, and even Mac operating systems receive a high level of support that ensures end users experience minimal downtime and maximal performance. Contact us to learn how you can improve your IT and your desktop user experience with desktop support services from Prescient Solutions.