The Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust security is now the cybersecurity solution recommended by the federal government. The traditional perimeter-based security model no longer adequately addresses cybersecurity challenges. In addition to segmenting networks and restricting user permissions, Zero Trust means access privileges are never granted on an ongoing basis; each and every request is evaluated and assessed for risk each and every time.

Download our guide and discover how your business can achieve the benefits of implementing a Zero Trust security model.

Building a Seamless Hybrid Work Environment

Implementing an effective hybrid work solution isn’t achieved casually. Businesses need to develop a strategy through analysis that identifies an optimized approach to hybrid work. Once the strategic approach is determined, businesses need to build out the hybrid work environment and support it in a way that allows the workforce to seamlessly and securely accomplish their work from any location with an internet connection.

Download our guide to learn more about how to implement an effective hybrid work environment.

7 Questions to Check If Your Information Technology Is Optimized for Hybrid Work

Although 2021 is enabling a return to the workplace, not all employees are coming back. Some employees will continue to work at home fulltime; some will work at the office fulltime; others will split their time between the office and their home. How can businesses effectively provide technology to all employees wherever they work?

Download the checklist now to check your answers to some important questions to see if you’re optimized for hybrid work.

Enhancing IT Security Through Multi-Factor Authentication

Protecting against data breaches requires strong access controls that secure sensitive systems and data from unauthorized access. It’s dangerous to rely solely on passwords for users to prove their identity. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires additional identity checks for proof of identity, reducing the risk of credentials being compromised.

Download our guide to learn more about keeping your data safe with multi-factor authentication.

Ransomware Attacks on Municipalities

America’s cities and towns stand on the frontlines of cyber warfare. Hackers, phishing emails, ransomware, cyber attacks, malicious malware, the list goes on. These incidents are happening more and more every day to major organizations including municipalities. You can’t afford to not keep your people safe!

View our factsheet to discover the tools and framework to fight back.

Is Your Help Desk Really Helping?

One of the biggest complains end users have is that the help desk isn’t helpful. When it comes to problems that are more complicated than resetting a password, too often it seems like the helper doesn’t know that much more than the helpee. Users often have to make multiple contacts to try to get a problem resolved or feel like the help desk cares more about closing the ticket rather than solving the problem. Sound familiar?

Download our guide to learn more about help desk problems and resolutions.

Data Loss Prevention: Strategies and Software

The biggest threat to data security comes from internal users, so DLP strategies implement tools and policies to ensure that users access only the data they need to perform their job functions and don’t unnecessarily expose it outside the corporate network.

Download this guide now to learn more.

Don’t Fall for the Disaster Recovery Myths

There are a lot of myths about disaster recovery (DR), and falling for them can cause big problems when a crisis occurs. Even though a disaster can shut your business down—sometimes permanently—many companies fail to create a disaster recovery plan. That’s because they believe the biggest myth of all: that disaster won’t happen to them.

Download this guide to learn 5 disaster recovery myths

A Guide to Managed IT Services

Providing the necessary oversight and support that IT needs is time consuming and expensive. Managed IT services solve those problems. This Guide to Managed IT Services will answer:

  • What are managed services?
  • What is the scope of managed services?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How can your company get the biggest benefit?
  • Are managed services right for your company?

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How to Hire an IT Engineering Firm

Partnering with an IT engineering firm can be an effective way for companies to meet their technology needs and achieve business goals. This Guide to effective Hiring of an IT Engineering Firm will provide:

  • An overview of typical services
  • 5 reasons to hire an IT engineering firm
  • A checklist for choosing the right firm
  • Tips for achieving a successful relationship

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